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Research is a constant, ongoing process while writing historical fiction. Sometimes a fascinating tidbit surfaces that might be of particular interest beyond its use in a novel. As I continue to work in the historical fiction field, I will post those occasional points of interest here. Occasionally I muse on the writing process as well along with news to keep readers informed of what's going on with my books and other writings.

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The photo above is of Snowdonia in North Wales, which plays a large part in the setting of the Macsen's Treasure Series.


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Arthur's Final Battle--Camlann

Here is a view to the north across Snowdonia from near Dinas Emrys (in the lower right corner). The yellow markers show where significant events happen, or are prophesied to happen, in the fourth book. The story includes the notion that the battle of Camlann--Arthur's final battle--occured in Cwm y Llan in North Wales. This legend has never been substantiated historically, however, no other location has been proven either.


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